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Better Pontiac Comic Book Program

The Comic Book Workshop is an initiative of Better Pontiac that engages young artists seeking to develop their drawing and storytelling skills. Every Saturday morning during the first scheduled semester, the artists gathered in the Artists’ Lounge, next to the Alley Cat Café in Downtown Pontiac to discuss ideas, hone their skills, and share their work. It has developed into a solid core of attendees who are each seeking the next step in their early careers as artists: to be published.

Comic Flyer Fall 2016

Better Pontiac is a nonprofit, 501 C3 organization dedicated to the improvement, enrichment, and promotion of the City of Pontiac, Michigan. Its board is comprised of residents, business owners, and concerned activists who would like to see Pontiac become a center of art, culture, and economic development, with thriving neighborhoods and schools.

This semester of the Comic Book Workshop is dedicated to honing the skills of the artists and achieving the goal of publishing their work in an anthology. This represents a valuable achievement on the young artist’s path and can serve to be the cornerstone in a developing portfolio of work.

The workshop will begin Saturday, September 10th and last for 12 weeks, ending December 3rd and take place in the Artists’ Lounge, located at 31 N. Saginaw in Downtown Pontiac from 10am to 1pm. Every Saturday will be dedicated to artists showing their work to the group and receiving feedback on their scripts, artwork, and panels. By the last day (December 3rd) the artists are expected to have a completed one to two page comic that will be included in the published anthology. Artists who are interested have the opportunity to take leadership roles in the editing and publishing process.

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